Myriad activity opportunities during your vacation in Fuerteventura will wonderfully complement the soothing and relaxing days on the beach. Whether you immerse yourself in surfing, golfing, golf, diving, beach walking or biking - in Fuerteventura you can pick whatever activity fits your mood - and your heart and soul. But the focus of almost all activities on Fuerteventura centers on these two eternal elements of simple happiness: the beach and the ocean. Even your time on the golf course will not spare you from the spectacular and breathtaking backdrop of an infinite Atlantic. Unique are the opportunities for the ones, who love to wander along the seemingly endless sandy beaches. Ambitious hikers and bikers will discover a sliver of paradise tucked away in the island’s hinterland with its intriguing hiking and biking trails. Fuerteventura also offers secret top spots for surfing, windsurfing and kiteboarding enthusiasts. And the coast is ideal for unforgettable diving and snorkeling adventures. Fuerteventura offers every activity your body - and mind – ever envisioned to complete a truly amazing vacation.

Activities on Fuerteventura:

Surf experts and novices can choose from many world class spots.
Surf School Caleta de Fuste (10 min from Triquivijate).

The perfect conditions for beginners, intermediates and experts.

Dive into a marvelous underwater world of sea grass, reefs, wrecks, endless underwater sand landscape and rocks.
Diving School Caleta de Fuste, right on the marina (10 min from Triquivijate).

Discover Fuerteventura anew: on a bike, past windmills and dunes to tranquil villages and beaches.

Breathtaking hikes along the coast and unique trails lead to the hinterland and up toward the spectacular plateaus of the island.

Play golf on one of the most beautiful and well-kept golf courses on the island, just 10 minutes from Triquivijate.

Horseback Riding
"Crines del viento" – the horse stable is located in Triquivijate and offers various riding lessons tailored to your needs and time commitment (e.g. upon request riding lessons under a full moon can be arranged). The riding lessons are held in English, German, or Spanish.
Contact: Carlos, Triquivijate, 119
Tel: +34609001141 Tel: +34619257548

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